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As early as 1995. spouses dr Jasmina Knežević, pediatrician – pulmonologist and Milan Knežević – movie director, have founded the first private hospital in Serbia – Bel Medic. In the beginning, their ordination has been stationed at rented mutual space and had only three members.

Bel Medic grew from the small clinic to the first private hospital in Serbia, accredited to the highest European quality standard (ISQua) and which in the luxuriously equipped space on over 3000 m2 has the most modern medical equipment and complete hospital system. For 23 years of existence, over 300,000 patients have handled us their trust.

24 h a day, 7 days in a week, about 4400 permanent employees and nearly 400 eminent doctors, top experts in all medical specialties are dedicated to the treatment of children and adults. Patients are always in the first place and we are trying to be where we need them most.

At Bel Medic, we support evidence-based medicine, everyday improvement and developing, in order to provide you with the best health care. Many awards testify to our success which we have achieved with your help and which have made us proud. This is also shown with the recorded continuous growth of 20%.

On 5 locations, connected by a unique call center and an integrated computer network, Bel Medic provides reputable and quality medical services – check-ups, the most advanced diagnostics, chirurgy treatments (operations), hospital treatment in luxurious apartments, dental services, systematic check-ups, laboratory services, home visits and patient transportation 24 h a day, as well as many other medical services. The Bel Medic is the only hospital that has a restaurant – Bel Food, where you will enjoy the top tastes of our chef.

For 23 years we are following our visions to:

  • Become a leader of private healthcare in the region
  • To raise the level of our health care and medical system in Serbia
  • To create an institution better than its individuals
  • To support the private initiative and actively participate in creating a better business environment
  • To operate at the highest level of social responsibility
Bel Medic opšta bolnica za celu porodicu

Bel Medic je prva privatna bolnica u Srbiji

Bel Medic nudi i kućne posete i transport bolesnika


Đorđe Bajec

Prof. dr sci. med. Đorđe Bajec

Mirjana Bogić

Prof. dr Mirjana Bogić

Miroslav Granić

Prof. dr Miroslav Granić

Marko Zupančič

Prim. dr Marko Zupančič

Miodrag Aćimović

Prof. dr Miodrag Aćimović

Božina Radević

Prof. dr Božina Radević

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